Our mission at Crops Not Shops is to inspire people towards a more conscious and self-sufficient lifestyle. To transform land, gardens and green spaces everywhere into thriving ecosystems of biodiversity and organic food productivity.
To educate and empower people to look after our earth and preserve life to the best of our ability for 7 generations to come; and to co-create a global, fair, free food sharing network built on love and care.

Upcoming Events

The Pilgrimage Part 4

Return to Glastonbury for the next chapter in our regular Pilgrimage!

2nd December 2023
2pm – 10pm
St. Benedict’s Church,
Glastonbury, BA69NB.

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Spend time with us learning about our growing and the land for up to 2 weeks.

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OR if you live close by or want to volunteer for a day, we run a regular Local Volunteer Day every Tuesday from 10am-2pm.

Camping With Us

We’re not available for camping until 2024 again.
Please visit our camping page for more information

Summer Solstice Gathering

Thanks to everyone who came! We had a fantastic event packed full of great workshops and learning, music and laughter!

Photo: Charles Dowding’s talk
Credit: Catherine Booker

A return to our roots & healing is needed for all life on Earth to thrive. We host inspiring events, gatherings, retreats, permaculture learning, camping, forest school, eco building, huge food sharing networks in order to build a more beautiful world, here & now.

We invite you to our sacred land

Crops NOT Shops mother hub in Glastonbury: the New Earth Vision for the Future