Volunteers are now being accepted. F.A.Q.’s are further down the page.

PLEASE NOTE: We hold a regular Tuesday volunteer day for anyone who lives close to our site in Glastonbury. You can arrive at the site by 10am and spend 4 hours helping out on the land. We’d then cook a meal for all in attendance using produce mostly from the land. This is the entrance on Google Maps > www.tinyurl.com/glastocns

If you want to volunteer with us, please GO HERE and fill in the application form. See FAQ’s below.

If you have a volunteering query, please email volunteer@cropsnotshops.co.uk

First and foremost, take the opportunity to camp on our site as a guest member of Crops Not Shops. Please see the Camping With Us page for more details.

You can receive an invitation from a core CNS member..


What can I expect as a volunteer?

We have a morning circle every weekday at 9.30am (will be earlier in peak summer season). We meet and discuss the day’s work and any other business, then volunteers are expected to contribute 4 hours of time during the day as part of the project work. This could include digging, planting, building, lifting, shifting, clearing, cooking, administration or any of the other varied activities on site. The rest of your weekday time is free to spend as you desire – likewise for weekends, though we do often continue working, so you can always join in, if you feel inspired!

We cook a community evening meal for 5pm (weekdays), mostly from produce from land and usually vegetarian or vegan.

Can you provide lodgings or accommodation?

Unfortunately not. We don’t have any permanent or temporary structures on site used for such purposes. Please ensure you bring your own place to shelter and sleep! As a volunteer, of course, you do not need to pay for a camping pitch.

Cars / Tents / bell tents / yurts / tipis / campervans are all welcome. Caravans can be accommodated if permission is sought first and may not be left on site without the towing vehicle (unless you’re literally popping out for a few hours of a day). Wet weather conditions may dictate what can be brought onto site, especially where the land becomes sodden and muddy. Ask if you plan to come in something heavy or large. (We have a 7.5 tonnes maximum on site)

Can I bring animals?

Dogs are permitted as long as they are kept on a lead and/or under complete control. Other livestock or animals, please ask us first for permission.